Kaduna Polytechnic Strategic Plan

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Strategic Plan for the Year 2019 - 2022 of our dear Kaduna Polytechnic to our Staff and students, the host community and the general public. This document was borne out of the new wave of purposeful leadership being brought to bear on our Polytechnic by the forward-thinking Governing Council, its vibrant Management team and its re-energized staff resource. This leadership recognized the urgent need to place the Polytechnic on the best path to the reclamation of its past glory, as well as to reposition it for playing a leading role in the provision of best quality Polytechnic education in the unfolding 21st Century. To achieve these noble goals, the Management set up a Strategic Planning Committee made up of seasoned, senior staff and a Consultant. The Committee was charged with the responsibility of engaging the entire Polytechnic community and all its key stakeholders to fashion out a new vision and a new mission for the Polytechnic, to set strategic goals, to identify and agree on the best ways of attaining those goals, and to secure the buy-in and ownership by all stakeholders.